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Have you watched the movie Meet The Parents/Fockers?

Well even if you haven’t, this posts has nothing to do with the movie.

But if you have seen the movie, do you remember the name of Ben Stiller’s character?

Pretty messed up name for a person in real life, won’t you say? I mean, who in their right mind would name their son…

Gaylord Focker.

Well, I guess its just a movie and the producers did it for comical reasons.

As for real life, I would probably just commit suicide if my parents named me Gaylord, despite whatever surname.

Naming anything Gaylord, in fact is quite extraordinary, and also quite rare. (Thank goodness!)

That is until you come to Melbourne.

Located in a dodgy alleyway just off China Town, Gaylord Indian Restaurant has a somewhat striking ambiance to it. Even without flashy neon lights as signage, it would be really hard to miss this place.

I guess for advertising reasons, the name has a greater effect than you would expect. Except, the name also has a somewhat demeaning feel to it. I guess without reading the signage properly, it could actually be misconceived as a Gay pub/bar.

Well, I’m sure they have their own set of customers. Looking like its been around for quite some time now, the restaurant must earn some revenue to stay alive.

As I walked past the restaurant, another interesting spectacle caught my eye.

I couldn’t help it. I stood there like an idiot taking a photo of a stupid sign in the middle of a dodgy alleyway.

Can you imagine what the waiter would say as you walked into the restaurant:

“Hello sir! Welcome to Gaylord, Indian restaurant and cock tail bar”

Man, imagine the uncomfortable awkwardness this would bring.