Yesterday I received an email from Nuffnang, an advertising group that I signed up with. I received my first assigned advert, which possibly I might get paid for! Isn’t that exciting!

Haha, well as usual, another boring day at home.

And as usual, took trips down memory lane…

…just to find the memories that’ll always put a huge smile on my face, no matter what the circumstance.

Awww… doesn’t that just look adorable!

Drunken message received by my sister after a night of fun partying!

“I aqr5ie u eat 1r+ 4 am7O SVNK CASS ME AMS”

Figure out what that is, and you’ll have $5 directly from my wallet to yours!

Yes, I believe even playing cards have confusion about their sexuality!

I doubt it was a typo. Didn’t have the cash to buy it at the time, and would’ve thought it would be a complete waste of money. I reckon the picture itself is worth more than the movie! Haha…

And finally! SYAFIQ!

No no…! Look again!