***Please note: Any content posted here today has no intention in offending homosexual activity, is completely fictional and is only done for the fun of blogging! – “models” used are straight.

These are my homies – Ian, Laura and Lleufer. Most of you readers would probably already know them, but for those who don’t, here they are.


Middle: Laura has been a childhood friend since I was only ye’ high (and so she says)! We were classmates for half a year in Primary 3, back when I was smarter and more clever, thus managing to skip a grade.

Right: Lleufer I’ve known since the days of bowling at Sutera, and more recently extended our friendship as we became housemates ‘07.

Left: Ian I only met almost exactly a year ago (We just celebrated our one year friendship anniversary! w00t!)! He’s my dota/ supper/ karaoke/ clubbing/ drinking/ driving buddy.

Lately I’ve suspected something going on within our group. I can’t keep it in anymore. It’s been weird but I have to let things out.

It’s hard to describe it in English. I think Bakla is the right word to use. It’s Tagalog (Filipino). It’s hard to explain… use google to find out!

They’ve gone all the way…

At first, I thought everything was normal. You know… normal stuff.

Then there was flirting going on.


Then cuddling…


Then they were seen in public with they’re hands together!


Soon, there were dancing together!


Its not a pleasant sight! AT ALL!!!

I was disturbed. I still am disturbed!

I can’t take it anymore.

Just as recent as a few days ago, I caught them at it again!


What has this world come to! I’m traumatized! My best friends…!

Its true! I’m not the only one who thinks so!



PS: I didn’t have a picture of Lleufer with the “I think he’s gay!” shirt pointing at him, so I photoshopped his head into the picture and did some mad editing work :) Turned out alright didn’t it? :D