Flight went smooth. Though there were a couple of people on the flight who was sitting around me talking loudly over the seats, I managed to sleep most of the way on the 2 hour flight.

As soon as we got our of the airport, there it was. As expected, grey clouds were looming across the skies, tears pouring down. No point feeling shattered that the forecast predicted rain all weekend. We were already on holiday, and there was nothing that was going to shatter our spirits!


First thing we noticed was how friendly our taxi driver was. Over the course of the next 3 days, we came to realise that it was probably their way of life. Unlike Melbourne taxis, the drivers were bountiful with friendliness. Sure enough, nothing could spoil our weekend!


A 30 minute cab ride and we arrived at our lovely destination. One quick phone call and Eric came downstairs to greet us and bring us up. Door opens and screams of laughter and excitement echoed the hallways. Gwenda, Laura, Micah, Shon (& Eric) greeted us with smiles! They were halfway done preparing breakfast, and good timing it was, as my stomach seemed to be in a heated argument with itself.



The rest of the day was spent walking around the lovely GC boulevard. Perfect atmosphere as it wasn’t too crowded, nor was it dead. A hustle and bustle of Melbourne city was soon forgotten as we made our way through the shops and cafes.



Every now and again, the girls would hit a shoe/makeup/jewellery/swimwear shop and Eric and I would chill and wait outside. Frustrating as it was, nothing was gonna take away this glorious weekend.


Not as exciting when shopping with members of the family.


Soon after, we were approached by a dude who was trying to sell tickets for a pubcrawl that was happening that very night. Thinking, “why not?’ and weighing out the option of risk and return, we took on the offer and started heading back to get ready for our crawl.

5:30pm was when it started. 11:30pm was when it was meant to end. Keyword in that phrase: meant to.


Back to the story, we went home at around 4:30pm to start getting ready for our big night out. As one would expect, both Eric and I finished getting ready in 2 seconds, followed by Micah a minute later. Having an hour to wait for the girls to get ready, there was only one thing we had to do.


Damn you alchohol photobomb.


Vodka. Scotch. Honey-flavoured liquor. Beer. Their voices heard in the distance calling our names. How could we resist?

We left the apartment at about 6pm. Feeling the effects of alcohol sipping through my veins, we made our way through to our first of five destinations!

Each venue welcomed us with a free drink/shot.



As you can imagine, most of the night was a blur. I can recall stuff when someone brings it up in retrospect, but sitting here writing this on my own isn’t helpful to my memory.

Laura and I won a little drinking game organized in venue number 2. We were rewarded with more shots. Perfect.


I feel like the Wicked Witch of the East.

Venue number 3, we were going for the hard stuff. Tequila, Bacardi & Absinthe joined the list of things that got us f$%ked.


Jager-bombs & the Green Fairy.


I specifically remember feeling sick around this time. Not so much because of the alcohol, moreso to do with the fact that dinner was conveniently forgotten by the group. But we found Pizza. Mmm, pizza never tasted better.

Vanity and Sin City were venue number 4 & 5. This was where the music starting pumping and the adrenaline started kicking in. Not unlike many clubs we get in Melbourne. And like many clubs in Melbourne, I’m not a big fan. Screaming and shouting just to ask “What drink is that in your hand?” simply doesn’t fulfil social satisfaction for me.


We don’t have to be in Vegas to know whats coming.


But once again, nothing was gonna wreck this weekend up!


1am. Gwenda and I decided to call it quits for the night. Out of the club, into the Kebab stall next door and back home, happily chugging down my Beef & Lamb kebab (which was AMAZING!)

Got home, chilled and sipped more beer.


Ching Ching!


From this moment, most of what happened was a blur. As my mind started to shut off and fall sleep, the rest of the group returned. It was about 3am. Noise filled the room, just like when you walk out of an elevator into and busy shopping mall. Everyone was off their faces.

Only photos to remember this night. And as they say, photos are worth a thousand words.



To be continued…