Day #3 turned out to be the most exciting of the rounds so far.

Virus vs MYM. MiTH-Trust vs TyLoo. EHOME vs Scythe.SG. And my most anticipated match of all, MUFC vs!

All teams brought their A-game, working around various strategies to outplay and outshine their opponents. I couldn’t be more pleased by the level of integrity and commitment these teams demonstrated through their gameplay.

Perhaps it was the knockout stages that pressured all playing teams. Perhaps it was the sheer numbers of committed spectators who showed support. Perhaps it was the sweet sweet smell of the $1 million dollars wafting around the stadium arena just slightly out of reach.

As I sat down in front of my computer watching the MUFC vs OK.Nirvana match-up, I couldn’t help but feel proud of the level of gaming that Malaysia has grown into.

The match was, to say the least, superb! MUFC was leading in gold farm from the get-go. Keeping the pressure on OK throughout most of the early game, the real trouble for MUFC began once the game hit the 20-25 minute mark and the game progressed into the mid-game. At this point, even though MUFC was still leading in Hero Kills and Gold Farm, OK continued their defensiveness and gained rapid farm on an Anti-Mage which was their only hope for success. With countless buybacks, breathtaking jukes, and numerous team clashes, OK.Gaming took the game with their Ancient base down to half HP.

It was painful to watch your home country lose a match-up like this one, but nonetheless, I am proud of their achievements and give them my utmost respect!

With only one more South East Asian team left in the ranks, all our hopes stand by Scythe.SG – Singapore’s top Dota team!

Scythe.SG has had a spectacular run so far, only losing once in the group stages, and beating both MYM & EHOME in the winner’s bracket.

Tonight, Scythe.SG will be playing against Ukraine’s Na’Vi in the Final Round in a best of 3 game for a spot in the Championship Finals on Sunday.

The best of 3 rounds are undoubtedly going to be a full of entertainment as teams may try out riskier strategies to impress their opponents and the public.

Let’s hope we see new Dota 2 heroes that hasn’t been shown to the public before!


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