This weekend has demonstrated the true potential of eSports in the DOTA genre.

16 teams, 11 countries, 8 consolations and 1 WINNER!

Na’vi (Ukraine) secured themselves a spot in the Championship Finals after beating Scythe.SG (Singapore) in an epic two round battle in the Winner’s Bracket Finals.

Having lost in the Winner’s Bracket, Scythe.SG moved on to face EHOME (China) in the Loser’s Bracket Final for another shot at a spot in the Championship Finals against Na’vi. The battle between the two teams ended up in a two for one win in favour of EHOME, granting them a spot against Na’vi in the Championship Finals!

The weekend ended with a BEST OUT OF 5 matchup between Na’vi and EHOME.

First game was an automatic win for Na’vi having made it to the Championship Finals without losing a single match.

With four games to go, EHOME brought it with a win in the second game, making the scores 1 all.

With three matches to go, Na’vi put all their heart and soul into the remaining few matches and demonstrated vigilance through teamwork and tactics. Never taking no for an answer, Na’vi swooped in and took down the next two matches, defeating EHOME in a 3-1 finals match-up!

Congratulations to Na’vi!

and Congratulations EHOME.

and to all winning contestants!

An epic start to what’s going to be an epic game in the very near future!

The game currently is scheduled for a full release in 2012, with a public beta scheduled for the fall of 2011.

The game will be released, and can be obtained either via retail or via online download from Valve’s Steam platform. The game has been developed to exclusively run on for both game launch and update delivery.


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DOTA 2: The International Results