Category: Media

11 Mar

Tarihing’s Story: The illiterate grandmother who became a solar engineer:

3 Mar

Production vlog / behind-the-scenes of “if OLA BOLA was written by ORANG SABAH” Watch it here:

26 Feb

Fantastic movie! but here’s a few things I would do differently… Thank you to everyone involved in this weeks video. You guys are amazing! ~~~~~~ CREDITS ~~~~~~ Production Manager: Moses Wong Director of Photography: Valentine Chong Starring: Calista Liew ( William Chiang Moses Wong Kamarul Ayien ( Timothy Stephen Harold…

14 May

Reside is a psychologically thrilling short film questioning the delusions one may experience in their final moments on earth. During my final weeks in North Lake College, Texas, our class team was assigned to come up with a Thriller/Horror themed short under 4 minutes. This was what we churned out…

15 Oct

It’s Monday, and that means back to work after a good 2 week break. ‘Tis the true definition of Monday blues! Well, my sister Tish from Melbourne flew back to Malaysia for a wedding of a close childhood friend. Though the wedding only lasted a few days, she made use…

9 Sep

Whew. Seems like forever since I’ve made my presence felt online. I finally got around to update my YouTube (AND blog) since my last which was almost month ago! So here’s to a long overdue video & blog post. It’s not like I’ve been away from the internet. In fact…

8 Aug

These are the chords I used for my ukulele cover. I don’t think its entirely accurate to the way Nigel plays, but it fits. I’ll let you figure out timing and strum pattern. Enjoy!   INTRO: F   G7   C7 C6   F VERSE: F What’s that sound, G7 I…

27 May

“Breathe” debuted as a final piece at my farewell gig in Melbourne early this month. Written only a few days before the live performance, “Breathe” captures the emotions of gratitude I was feeling in my final moments before departing for a new beginning. What do you think – is this…