It’s Monday, and that means back to work after a good 2 week break. ‘Tis the true definition of Monday blues!

Well, my sister Tish from Melbourne flew back to Malaysia for a wedding of a close childhood friend. Though the wedding only lasted a few days, she made use of her trip to check off her annual visit to Malaysia in her “things-to-do in 2012” list. Tick!

It was great to see her! If you’ve been following my blog, you might’ve read a story I wrote for her 21st birthday¬†which explains our special bond.

But you know how siblings can be. One minute you’re sharing moments cherished, the next your frustrated beyond the boundaries of hell…

This time was no exception.

Don’t take me too lightly. We may have had fun filming the video, but this shit happens more often than not!

Does anyone share the same frustration I do with their sibling?