OK, this is what my weekend consisted of…

Saturday afternoon, study study study… (+ watch movies, etc.)

Night time…

Watch my over-microwaved heated burger cool down… It was too hot, burnt my little fingers! *Ouch*


And Teshah will be restricted from coming to my study this week! She’s been clinging on to me all week, and I didn’t get any work done!!! Argh…

Sunday Afternoon
As mentioned above, Tesh’s was around my study practically the whole day. I had one hours of work done, that’s it!

Night time
Been assigned to do some prefect shyt in the house, so don’t have enough time to work, and now I’m busy doing this stupid xanga (well its not stupid ^^”). Haha, gotta get a move on it now, spend at least 30 mins…

This is what I’ve done:

Notes for Chemistry and the use of my beloved calculater!

Ok, time to study @_@