Why do I always procrastinate? I’m such a procrastinator.

Definition: Procrastination is the deferment or putting-off of an action or task, usually by focusing on some other distraction

See, I’m procrastinating from my work right now, I should be working! Exams start tommorow! Haha, and I drew this:

Like my EGG!

Here’s the whole story behind the egg:
We have a chinese class of 8 people, and everybody is given a nickname (courtesy of Stephanie Lok). Well, first we named her dinosaur since she likes to roar alot in class. Then her bright ideas started streaming through and she decided to give everybody a name. First was Kat, who was named Apple coz of her name “Xu Ping”, ping meaning apple in chinese. Then Kat gave the name CornChild to Fran coz she was the only white person in class, plus she was from a farm. Joel was given the name Owl, as he was the intellectual and nerdy person in class! Then Steph gave me the name Snake which isn’t appropriate coz there isn’t any relevance. She stuck with that name for a 2 classes, which then evolved into being an Egg! w00t for eggz! I love eggs, read my friendster profile! Anywayz, Amanda is a Panda, coz her name rhymes with panda, and Joanne is a bird coz she’s always freeeeeee… Then Lindy. What to give Lindy? Exactly! Lindy is a ‘?’ question mark! That was perfect, there was our chinese class!

OK Adam, time to stop procrastinating, and get back to work @_@


[Edit: Looks like I’m procrastinating again =_=”]


Enjoy being 17!