Yo! English exam down, another 6 to go! Haha, this is great. I can’t believe one exam down, this only draws me closer to the holidays! I can’t wait to sit on that plane back home, the feeling of excitement that once you open your eyes, your 10 mins away from seeing everybody you love and miss. I’ve got another 9 days til I recieve that feeling once more. Can’t wait.

Well after all that mind boggling experience in English today, I’m deciding to spend the rest of the afternoon resting, maths exam tommorow. I need all the mental capacity I have for that one, and I really don’t wanna do bad in the only subject I thrive upon. My goal, at least 80% min. Obviously I’m aiming higher, but thats the boundary. I’d probably kill myself if I get less than 80% *sigh*

OK, enough of exam talk. Tonight is Tuesday night, which means ‘Fareed night’. Gonna call him and have a recapped of what happen to us this week. Let’s see:

1) I lost 15-0 15-0 in badminton last Saturday
2) Exams start today, and I’ll see him next week
3) I’m still single [ladies… ;) ]
4) I fixed my computer fan, so it doesn’t make any crunk crank noises
5) My Saturday diet consisted of McDonald’s and Hungry Jacks (Burger King)
6) Other private stuff which I will not say =]

Haha, anywayz, check out this website http://ianng.blogspot.com for a laugh =D

Peace out,