Wow, today is officially the happiest day of my life! For the last 2 weeks, all I’ve been wondering is, “Will I get prefect? Will my dreams come true?” Well, if you’re wondering why I’m so obsessed about being prefect, it’s because prefects get their names up on the House Prefect Board, which in fact goes on and on and on for generations. This basically means my name will be up on Cuthy walls FOREVER. Hehe, that’s not the real reason, it’s just that I really want a leadership role before I finished school. I was never a monitor in my classes back home before, let alone prefect.
Anywayz, we were supposed to get told about the whole house prefects thing 2 days ago, and I was sooooo anxious. I couldn’t do much prep(homework) these last 2 days because of this whole prefectship thing. The anxiety really got to me! Anywayz, about 5 hours ago, we had an assembly and we were told about prefects. I was pretty confident that I would get prefect, but still… I didn’t really want to keep my hopes to high. Mr. Fry stood up, took a deep breath, and announced the list. House captain – Rinchen Choegyal. I wasn’t expecting Hse Captain so I wasn’t dissapointed, then the other prefects were announced, til it came to me. Vice captain – Adam Tambakau! My insides jumped up and down so hard, I could hardly breathe! There is no explanation to the amount of JOY I felt! I’m so happy! Vice Captain! w00000t! Haha…

Lolz, thx to those who voted me =D I’m truly grateful!

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Happiest day ever;