>>> iPong89’s Deviant Art <<<

Haha, firstly, please visit my Deviant Art above. It’s where I post all my boooootiful artwork, mainly photographs, which I have taken/done over some time now. U can even sign up and post ur own artwork, which would be awesome as well!

Haha, that’s houngers (Nick Houng-Lee), who tore his shoulder muscle at badminton today! Poooooor houng houng.

Today was a bloody hot day… with all the flies buzzing around! Omg -____-” I hope it’s cooler tomorrow, not cold, but cool!

Didn’t get any prep done tonight, had meetings all night. Being a prefect takes lots of time and sacrifices! I hope I won’t over do it and be hated by everyone. I just need to chill and let it flow, if you know what I mean. *sigh* I’ll sign off now.

Peace Out,