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Chaotic Coalesce

Chaotic –  a state of extreme confusion and disorder
Coalesce – to unite or merge into one

World cup season was over 2 months ago, and that was when I last posted. It seriously has been a while…

Now, let’s get back into my life.

My Visual Arts class had yet another boring excursion today. Again, we went to the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) and the Ian Potter Gallery. I think over the last 2 years, I’ve already been back there three times.

The exhibitions at the NGV were the Dutch Masters, Pissaro, and Picasso, in that chronological order. Today, obviously, was Picasso. Being all “excited” as I usually am, all I could think about the whole day was what I was missing out in Maths class. Sad, eh?


Overall, there was nothing special in the gallery. Weird, grotesque, and surrealistic paintings and pictures were found throughout, with probably only about 5% of the gallery which flickered signs of fascination.

The Famous Weeping Woman @ The NGV

There was one exciting thing happened at the end of our NGV tour, though. I bumped into one of today’s most popular movie actors of all time, a winner of a golden globe award. Can you guess who? Well, he acted in X-Men, Van Helsing, Kate and Leopold. He is The Boy from OZ. Yep, Hugh Jackman.


Having such a big celebrity standing literally 5-feet in front of you, casually trying to ignore everybody’s stares, is pretty cool. He was with his 6-year old son, Oscar Maximillion Jackman, and his wife, Deborra. Standing there within my school group, you can hear whispers saying, “Omg, that’s Hugh Jackman.”, “He’s so hoooooot!”, and “Go say Hi!” The weirdest quote was, “He’s so cute and adorable!” …then it hit me, they were talking about his son. Hehe…

From Left: Hugh, Oscar, Deborra. Oscar is currently much older.

After all that excitement at the NGV, I had lunch at Hungry Jacks. It was just enough to fill me up for another 3 hours of exploration at the Ian Potter Gallery. There was an Alice in Wonderland exhibition, by an artist named Charles Blackman.

Looks like something my youngest sister would paint!

I’m back in school now, after a hard days work in the city. I’m looking forward to my lovely dinner tonight, a very soggy, mutilated double whopper burger, with two lovely French fries by its side.


Peace out