Can’t get any rest this weekend. Today I had to wake up at 7.45, and tomorrow we have an 8.15 wake up bell. I was so looking forward to this weekend for sleep-ins. Last week during the big exeat weekend, had to sleep on a hard floor at Que’s for 3 nights. Isn’t the most comfortable of all places, but at least there was a roof and walls around me.

Today, spent the afternoon doing maths revision in a small cramped root, with 3 other classmates and our teacher.

Look how small our ‘classroom’ is! I was standing at the door when I took this, outside the room.

We started with probability functions. This wasn’t too hard, as we just recently covered the topic about 3 weeks ago.

How cool does the ‘Poisson’ word look. Makes it look like we’re learning some high class thing.

Next we went into complex numbers. Doesn’t it sound so complex? Hehe… complex numbers are basically imaginary numbers, where the letter ‘i’ is used to represent the value of the square root of -1. It isn’t too hard, just a little bit complex.

We ended our session with revision on vectors. 26% on my last test definitely shows I needed this session. Damn, there was so much I couldn’t remember.

On behalf of my class, I would like to give special thanks to my maths teacher, Mr Hutley, for sacrificing his afternoon for us IB Maths geeks.

From Left: Mr. Michael Hutley, Anna, Katrina, Adam, Lauren (Tex)

On the way I spotted this weird tree.

Even though its in my school, I hardly walk past this path.

The braches at the end looks more like ones of a bush, but the middle bit looks normal. It’s a bush-tree. A bree or a trush. I don’t know. You try naming it…

Peace out