Fashion is something that is uncontrollable. The way fashion has evolved from ancient times up to this point is undeniably interesting, yet entertaining. People go through all sorts of revolutionized adjustments in order to express themselves in a fashion sense.

Why am I talking about fashion, you may ask? Well, I watched the movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ on my way back from Malaysia. Seeing the world revolve around fashion was seriously really bizarre and uncanny, not to mention the fact that a simple magazine is actually not so simple at all. Seeing these multinational corporations go through so much trouble just for a monthly magazine is crazy. Well, theoretically speaking, “It’s not just a magazine!”

Omitting the main storyline right now, seeing fashion driving the world we live in was pretty intense, though it made quite a bit of sense. People today go through mindless obsessions about weight loss, hair styles, how they look, what they wear and so on. The thing is it is just a fad, a trend that will die out over a couple of years.

Emo on a plane! I’m talking about the penguin, not the girl. Lol.

These days, one of the main drives of fashion is being emo. The word emo originated from ‘emotional’, initially used to describe a subgenre of pop/rock/punk music. Band members would dye their hairs jet black with the occasional multicoloured highlights, and wear tight black jeans alongside converse shoes, ‘hardcore’ T-shirt, wrist and arm bands and piercings, singing emotionally driven music in a rock-ish manner. Though sounding kind of witty, these bands may still be found today with names such as ‘Fall Out Boy’ and ‘Panic! At the Disco’.

Anyway, emos are found around almost every corner in Melbourne City. Almost always dressing in black, these Goth-like punks are not hard to miss. I guess fashion does grow on you when exposed in long periods of time.

So my cousin taught me how to vectorize images. It’s a really nifty technique, making real pictures of one look almost like a cartoon. Not like a cartoon exactly, but more of a digital image drawn of yourself. Here’s an example:

Courtesy of Fiq_T

My cousin drew this for me, which was very nice of him. After watching this trailer [click here], I found myself interested in this technique of digital drawing. So, as any artist with insatiable hunger would do, I opened up Illustrator and begin learning how to do it myself.

Lines here, lines there, and colours everywhere. And then, poof!

I guess I added in a little bit more detail, and spent more time on the hair and the eyes and all. It took about an hour to finish this, but despite the waste-of-time, I really liked how it turned out.

So I thought to myself, if I can trace an image of myself, why can’t I try recreate the picture into something more dazzling and outrageous. Always wanting to follow a phase or trend in fashion, I came up with a brilliant idea!

Well I must admit I’ve always wanted to follow a fad in fashion. Sometimes I care about what I look like; sometimes I don’t give a damn. When meeting someone new, the first impression is always the most important. You never get another chance. So sometimes I’m pretty vain about how I look like, and how I present myself. Fashion is one thing, vanity is another. Vanity is contagious, addictive and downright…