Leaving home this time felt by all means extremely easy. I didn’t feel the same sadness and grief about leaving home as I would usually do. As a matter of fact, I felt enlightened about heading back to Australia more than anything. No, I have no turned into an AngMo. It’s just the fact that I have 6 weeks until the end of high school.

Flight back was horrible. I slept so late the last few nights that my body clock just wasn’t adjusting right. It took me 2-3 hours of rolling around in a cramped-up economy class chair in between 4 other people before my brain turned off. Oh well, at least that part is over.

What has got me excited the most, is the upcoming “Azn Posse” trip around South East Asia after the exams. Flights are all booked, destinations are confirmed, and accommodations are set. This is going to be the perfect holiday.

I just can’t wait to walk down the beach, knowing that everything that I have been worried about over the last few months has come to an end.