The ones who truly know me may know a different side of me. Some may refer to it as the dark side. Some may refer to it as iniquity. Others may just refer to it as implicit reality. The truth is now revealed…

What am I talking about, you may ask?

When I started adamtam@xanga, I was in a state of denial. I shunned away a part of me which may have made me feel insecure, restless and sometimes apprehensive. I reopened this blog after considering shutting it down in order to reprimand from my precedent state of mind.

I needed to find another way to take things off my mind.

I have two more weeks left of this hell pit of terror, and the worst is still yet to come. Over the last few days, I have uncovered a part of me which made me feel the warmth I was longing to feel over the past few months. I needed a way out.

Some may think it’s a joke, no doubt. I had thought of it myself as well, thinking of bright influences to make me feel ashamed and mortified. I was embarrassed, but now I think I’ve snapped out of it.

World, watch out! In two weeks time, I will be stepping into a world of dreams and fantasy; a world where nothing matters, where life and death is just all part of an endless cycle of hope. A world where one thing always leads into another.

I’m entering…

The World of Warcraft.