I was in a pretty depressed state of mind yesterday. Just wantedit to end what though I haven’t even begun. Hopefully I’ve changed in time for the exams, and sorry to the ones I’ve hurt over the last couple of days.

Well, life is dragging itself ever so slowly, as usual. Waking up today made me realise how contradicting I sound whenever I say that. I have less than two weeks to go, and yet I’m still bitching about time. Hell with that, my youngest sister is only in primary 2, and she’s not complaining.

The main reason I’m posting right now is because I didn’t post yesterday. It felt insignificant to me yesterday because of how I was feeling, but come to think of it, I was being really selfish and just downright stubborn.

Yes, that’s right. Adam is not a nice boy anymore.

Well, I started writing this yesterday, so it may start off a little bit negative, but I just finished it this morning, hopefully changing my condition of thought.

It’s funny how things can suddenly change over a night’s rest.


You always say life is unfair
You always claim nobody cares
You say you realise what’s wrong inside,
You say you fixed it, with nothing to hide.
You say you’re stronger than you used to be,
Learning from life, you keep telling me
You’ve changed your perception and way of life
Learnt to accept, learnt to strive,

Learnt to give up, learnt to deal,
Treasure moments time can never heal.
Controversies happen all the time
Whenever you’re broken, you say you’re fine.

You’re motto in life, you tell everyone;
Every minute of sadness, is 60 seconds gone
Of happiness and joy you’ll never get back,
So you do everything with no regret.

Many ups and downs that lead you through,
Compassion and faith is in you too.
You strive for love, pride, dignity,
Yet you crawl for shelter behind me.

You’re self-restrain from holding on
The one that holds you from keeping strong
The food and diets that grapple you
The ones you ‘try’ but never do

You believe in many things people don’t see
My advice to you, believe in me
That patience is what you lack the most
Hold back, keep strong, just wait, or post

You’re feelings and thoughts hidden through words
Not telling the world, or spilling the dirt
Stating the obvious, sarcasm and all
Will lead to your sorrow, misery and fall,

Vanity and beauty you have it around,
Inner circulation, that’s still to be found,
Learn from society, mentors and friends,
Family is with you until the end.

Listen to this, sister of sixteen,
My message is subtle, but can still be seen,
Learn from the things that you have been told,
Happy Birthday to you, you’re sixteen years old.