No one wants to be a nobody.

What I mean is, everybody would like to be acknowledged one way or another, whether that is within their community, through public services or even within a group of friends. Just having another person say you’re name already makes you a somebody.

People strive to leave their names behind in history. Names such as Hitler and Achilles are widely recognized by most of us in the world, and I’m sure you, who are reading this, know who exactly I’m talking about.

Cuthbertson House. This is the name of my boarding house. More importantly, it is the name of my home for the past three years of my life.

Built way back in the 1800s, Cuthberston House is one of Geelong Grammar School’s first ever boarding houses, founded by J.L. Cuthbertson, a faint legend here within the Geelong Grammar community.

One reason why Geelong Grammar School is world renowned is because of this somebody, who left a special something when he left.

And that somebody is can occasionally be seen on the media; television, newspapers and billboards.

Yes, Prince Charles was an ex-Cuthy boy.

In this community that I live in, people leave their names behind in many different ways; be it through shame, humour, fame, pride, dignity and even lust.

As for me, I chose to uphold my name through pride, dignity and respect.

When I come back to this place in a few years time, though I will be unremembered by the people here then, I will have left a part of me within this school, this place, this community.

I was appointed Cuthbertson House Vice-Captain at the end of year 11, something that truly made me feel proud about myself.

Alongside that, I was appointed School Badminton Captain 05/06.

My name has already gone down in a small page of Geelong Grammar history, but little as it may sound, names in places like this will go a long way.

Way past my life. Way past even my children’s life. Maybe even my children’s children’s lives.

Sigh… I think I’m getting a little bit big-headed here. Lol.


My end of your exams started yesterday.

Over the last two days, I’ve completed my Chinese examinations and my Maths. Well, I wouldn’t say I completed my maths exam, since I couldn’t really finish every single question in my paper, which really pisses me off.

They weren’t really hard questions. Time was the important factor, and I didn’t equate that into my examinations well enough. Spent too much time on some easy sections, and spent too little on some harder ones. All in all, I’m pretty disappointed at my own effort; let alone the score I will be receiving at the start of next year.

I would kill myself.

Well, at least I will be remembered…