It’s good to be back at home.

It feels weird being here with nothing to look forward to. As in, I won’t have Geelong Grammar School to look forward to going back to. All I have is my results waiting for me at the start of next year.

Home never felt better.

Good bed. Good sleep. Good food. Good tummy. Good everything.

I even found a good ol’ iguana infront of my car to brighten my day.

Home hasn’t changed much, which is good. I’m looking forward to my ‘AZN’ trip just around the corner, starting on Friday. These next two weeks are going to be a blast.

The only problem is that this means I won’t be updating over the next 2 weeks.

Not until I return.

Not that I have been updating much nowadays anyway.

Remember when I posted a while back about being emo?

I was serious.

Half serious.

A lil’ serious?

I’ve got a new look.

Well, kinda, not really. You decide.

The picture above was affected by photoshopped. This was the red I intended to achieve by the end of my session.

This last thing wasn’t intended, but it sure does work out.

‘Twins’ forever?

Guess so. ;)