It’s been almost 2 months since my last post. I bet you’ve thought I’ve given up, or maybe lost hope. Well, all is not lost. I’ve just been really busy (or perhaps lazy) with lots of things, and its finally time for a revert back in time.

The only problem is, adamtam@xanga is gone. Over the course of 2 months, things have changed. This site doesn’t seem to provide any more appeal, to me and maybe even the readers. So therefore, I’ve come to realize that a change is necessary, a change for the better, a chance to grow up, a step towards evolution.

From now on, adamtam@xanga is a yesterday. I will no longer be blogging here on this website, as if you hadn’t realized yet, I have switch into something more sophisticated, simple and more accessible.

From now on, adamtam@xanga is now

Change your bookmarks, and get ready for something new!