Archive: July 2007

31 Jul

Can somebody tell me… …is there a cow on my head?

29 Jul

Mount Kinabalu Park is one of Sabah’s big tourist attractions. Located around the base of Mount Kinabalu, tourists who have doubts about climbing the mountain can just enjoy the view from this park reserve. Kinabalu Park is situated in Kundasang, a district whereby the locals rely on fruit and vegetables…

26 Jul

$3951.78 – This is how much my blog is worth. Vast improvement from my previous income of 50 cents. This is my youngest sister, Kaiyeesha. She’s nine this year. She loves getting up to mischief, and being the youngest, she gets away most of the time. Little rascal. Or rascette…

23 Jul

I have been tagged by Chinnee. I don’t usually do this kinda stuff, but I guess its proper etiquette to respond. My name is Adam, surname Tambakau (aka AdamTam). Eldest in the family, I come from KK, Sabah (school TTSS before moving to Melbourne). Now staying in Melbourne. My part-time…

22 Jul

Three reasons why I might not have posted over the last couple of weeks. 1) Adam had holidays and returned home. 2) Adam was seriously ill both physically and mentally. 3) Adam had died. Thankfully it’s not the latter two. So for those who guessed choice number one, congratulations! You…