There’s been so much going on in the past few months, I’ve almost forgotten most of what its like to be on stage.

The 30 or so minutes of having all eyes fixed on you is quite daunting but yet strangely exhilirating. Nothing’s gonna change this time around.



Well, in a lot of circumstances, especially in larger group conversations, I don’t like talking over the group and trying to absorb everyone’s attention. When caught in this scenario, I tend to shun away in the background, listening and then donating my two cents just to feel part of the pack. I assume it’s a self conscious thing, and as much as I am aware of it, it has haunted me for the better part of my life.

Perhaps its my inability to put in the extra effort to keep the attention of the group. Perhaps its my insecurities in opinion. Perhaps its just who I am.


In other circumstances, specifically in individual or smaller group conversations, I do have the ability to express my opinions, thoughts and hold a steady conversation.

I don’t believe its because I’m shy. In the past, I’ve committed to doing some pretty embarassing public actions which I don’t regret (but may someday find its way back to haunt me).


Well, in all honestly, I think my sub-consciousness is consistently working on trying not to offend the seperate party. That’s why in social groups in which I am entirely comfortable in, I am as big a part of the conversation as the next person. Whilst in large groups which include people I’m still getting to know, I adjust myself by solely observing, as I find it very hard to keep up with the sub-conscious offending thing, if you know what I mean.



Though with that said, being on stage somehow diminishes this effect. The moment the lights go on, the speakers are turned up and the crowd goes silent, I feel like I have control over the crowd. And then its like I feel alive for the first time and everything from that point on depends on my abilities (or in this case, Just For Kicks) to entertain!


Well, I didn’t want to make this post solely about promoting our performance. I have facebook for that.

This post was for you, the readers, to get to know me a little more through a different source of light – I guess you can say is my train of thought approaching this event.



Well, I guess now to the promos.

If you haven’t seen or heard of us, I have videos of our previous performances up on YouTube for public display. You can also check ’em out by checking out the Live Performances page.


Check out the facebook event page for more info.

And be sure to “Like” us on our fan page to keep up with latest updates and event promos.


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