Archive: October 2005

31 Oct

CaSiNo NiGhTt!! Cuthy Year 11 Dinner ~ Saturday night – Theme: Casino Night ~   It was awesome, everybody started with around 10 chips each, and we just gamble all night. 3 tables were set up: Roulette – Poker – BlackJack Matron also conjured up the best meal, which she…

27 Oct

*YAWN* Ooh man, spent the last 3 nights with the Yr 12s, can’t believe their leaving so soon! I’ve always dreaded this moment… their exams start tomoro and in less than 3 weeks, I probably won’t see some of them ever again! Ok, now onto more happy thoughts. Badminton today…

23 Oct

Hmm… weekend’s over which means a new week of school. Weekend was good fun, haven’t had a chilled one for ages. Reminds me of those good ol’ days Watched 2 movies; Into The Blue and The Transporter 2. Into the blue was good, Jessica Alba is so daaaammmnn fiiinee! Finally…

21 Oct

POKER NIGHT Went over to hermi for some ‘Poker’, well not really… more like Bullshit (or otherwise known as bluff) and Cho Dai Di (a.k.a. magic big two), which was really fun..! Really enjoy these Friday ‘activities’, playing cards and all..! Out this weekend, staying with houngaz n’ jacky at…

20 Oct

Alright, I got my layout done. Well, first layout done. This really sux and I bet I can do so much better, just don’t have the time and the ideas! I’m not a creative person… so shoot me! Well, I’ll start adding shyt over time… ~ Signing out,Adam