The condom. One of man’s greatest inventions. Made out of latex rubber, it is designed as a cover to protect its barrier, and will not break even when being forced. It is a rubber sheath that you wedge onto your device. When using it for a long period of time, it will lose its effect. The condom will become loose and it will feel uncomfortable.

Aiya, what the hell are you guys thinking? I’m talking about the condom I use to protect my iPod! Not the one used for sex!

Not all condoms are used as a sheath that is placed over the erect penis to protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Haven’t you heard of a phone condom or an iPod condom? Sheesh, what era are you living in?

That is an iPod condom.

Well, after over 7 months of using my beloved iPod condom, its time has finally come to an end. Yes, that’s right; I want you all to witness the removal of this delicate device.

There she goes. Out of that cacoon and on to something better. Upon realising that the condom has been worn out, I found myself another, and probably better, form of protection for my iPod. I call it ‘The Case’.

*Climactic music in the background* Bum bum bum bum!

Although designed to be a little bit bulky, it proves to be a more reliable form of protection based on the fact that it has 100% coverage protection of the iPod from dirt, scratches, dents, etc. Also, it appears to be more stylish, as the iPod can be seen through the transparency of ‘the case’, instead of being hidden away under the skin of a condom.


How funny is that word condom? Whenever I hear the word condom, I always think of this guy I met a few years ago. I was at a golfing camp during my school holidays, and there was this guy that everybody called ‘Durex’. I was only aged 12; therefore the word had no significance to me whatsoever. But the older kids always laughed, which made me curious.

There was a souvenir shop at the golf club near the chalets we stayed at. They sold condoms at the shop. This ‘Durex’ kid, I think he was aged 16 or 17, would everyday approach the souvenir shop and just look at the packets.

You can even look at the packets online!

Don’t ask me why, he just did. I found it hilarious back then, but now that I think about it, it’s freakin’ weird. I don’t even remember the guy’s name! Imagine if I was getting bashed, and he was the only guy there who could save me!

“Durex! Protect me!”

Peace Out