This week is dedicated to the commemoration of Merdeka Day, Malaysia’s National Day. On August 31st 1957, Malaysia rejoiced as it obtained independence from the British colony. I will go into more detail explanation on the actual day.

Well, the weekend has been dull and pretty boring. Half the boarding house was out on an exeat and I chose to stay in, mainly because of financial issues (I have a limited amount of money left and I need to save it for the end of term).

So gloomy…

I also have 2 higher level exams in the next two days, and over the weekend realised how much I actually don’t know. My two subjects are Economics, 3 papers, and Mathematics, 2 papers.

Instead of studying at this very moment, I’m busy procrastinating from my work and typing out this post.

So if Adam fails in his two exams in the next two days, he can blame it on his blog!

Watched three movies over the weekend; She’s the Man, I’m Not Stupid Too (2), and 16 Blocks. Also into the inventory of stuff I watched over the weekend – Prison Break 2, The Simpsons, and Scrubs.

Also, I need to decide on my top 12 university preferences over the next 3 weeks, before the holidays. Applications some time during the holidays, and if I don’t have my preferences down by then, I will not be accepted by any universities or institutions.

I set my eye out for The University of Melbourne. That is why I am currently working my arse off in these practice exams, so that I can find out exactly where I stand with the results. I really should be studying right now.

I really envy people who can cramp a whole 2 years load of work into a 3 hour session one night before and do fairly well. What I envy more are the people who spend their days doing absolutely nothing but literally Ace every single test or exam that is given to them. ‘Grr…’ to all you people like that out there.

Oh, and I really need a hair cut!