And today ends my full week of preparation and exams. Yes, that�s right, I have completed my last practice exam paper only a couple of hours ago. I walked out of that exam room with all sorts of emotions; joy, sorrow, anger, frustration, fear and remorse.

Joyful about the fact that the exams are over. Sad that now I will need to be getting on with classes again. Angry and frustrated about my lack of knowledge on my examination papers. Fearful about receiving my results in a few days. And guilty about the fact that I should�ve worked harder for these practice exams.

Upon arriving back into my room after my exams, I noticed how messy I�ve become over the last week. Exams were on the roll, and my preparation was literally piling up everywhere. Before and after every exam, I would just stack all my notes around my table, so that I could find what I was looking for without getting off my seat.

Talk about being lazy

I decided that enough was enough. Practice exams are over, but the real ones are just around the corner. I couldn�t study like this, so it was time for some simple reorganizing. Wingardium Leviosa!


After my exams, I spent 30 minutes looking at courses to consider for next year. There were so many to look at, and after 4 hours worth of Mathematics examinations, looking through the courses seemingly drained what was left in me.

I even packed up all my research in this little bag

My Dad studied in The University of Melbourne. It is supposedly at present ranked 19 as one of the best universities in the world. Don�t think it was ranked that high back in my father�s day. Nonetheless, getting into The University of Melbourne has always been my goal.

The University of Melbourne is situated almost in the middle of Melbourne�s central business district. With an extravagant location, a beautiful campus and top quality education, The University of Melbourne is one of the hardest universities to get into in Australia.

The University of Melbourne Campus

Since my dad went to The University of Melbourne, I have always set my goals in that direction. Although probably not, getting into The University of Melbourne is almost an obligation for me. My Dad always says, �All I want from you is to get into a university. It doesn�t even have to be The University of Melbourne, as long as you�re happy.�

I know it sounds really nice and all, but he says it in this tone of voice which is a little condescending. I will always reply, �Don�t worry Dad, I will get into The University of Melbourne,� in attempt to boost my self-confidence. He would then give me this prying look, and say, �Are you sure you can?� which is even more patronizing than before.

I don�t know if he has always planned this, but it seems to work. After every conversation like that, my passion to get into The University of Melbourne will grow. I have decided that I will get into The University of Melbourne, into a course that I desire. I need to put in all my effort, not only for my Dad, but also for myself, to prove to myself that I am capable of any challenge that impedes.

The University of Melbourne, here I come!