Small talk: Ramadhan begins tommorow. Happy Ramadhan to fellow muslims out there!

I’ve already spent a week back here at home, and it has gone by ever-so quickly. I have been doing a lot of eating, as expected. The food here is just so good. Probably the biggest reason why I don’t want to go back to Australia, besides my family, is the food.

Let’s see if I can name a few of my favourites which I have already eaten. Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice), Roti Chanai, Char Kuew Tiow (Fried Rice Noodles), Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) and many more other home cooked food. Not forgetting the all time favourite Milo Ping (Iced Milo).

I’m still looking forward towards that Nasi Lemak, which I so must have before I go back again. Great food means a great holiday. Despite the fact I have my finals in a matter of week, and my indolence in studying, all I can think about is food.

There was a “Fast n Furious” car show outside on of the clubs. The cars were hot, the models were hotter!

I went clubbing twice so far. I broke my vouch about not going out at night this holiday. I hate doing that, and I feel so guilty about it. Even with drinks on the table, lots of smoke filling up the building, solid music, and an awesome band, my tummy managed to overcome my mentality as I headed out of the club early just to get something to eat.

My tummy works itself just like a group of ants at work. All day, non-stop, carrying more than it can handle. I wish my body had the capacity to work as an ant could, that way I would be able to do all my school work, eat all that food, go out with friends all the time, be well prepared for my upcoming finals, and do much more! Sigh…

Here’s the fact of the day. Did you know that an ant has enough energy to carry fifty-times its own weight? That’s bloody amazing! Let’s put that into perspective:

An average man weighs about 80kgs. 80 x 50= 4000. 4000kgs is equal to 4 tons. On average, a bus weighs about 1 ton. That means if a man was as strong as an ant, he would be able to carry 4 freakin’ busses!

Body builders and power lifters watch out, you’re no match for Atom Adam Ant!