I was pretty disappointed to find that the Exodus Ball wasn’t a sit-down, 3-course meal or anything. No wonder we didn’t need to bring dates. A cocktail party is what it was. Not one of those elegant cocktail parties you’d expect. Think about it, what do you get when you put about a hundred year 12 teenagers at an allocated space with a DJ and lots of booze? A club.

I wasn’t planning to go clubbing, so I just used this opportunity as one. Seeing as when I arrived at the place everyone was already pissed off their faces, I tried my best to keep enjoy every moment of it.

There was a ‘professional’ photographer at the entrance of the ball taking photos of couples, posses, big groups and posers. I think I went back to get my photo taken like over 10 times (No I am not a poser, I do have friends). I also took tons of photos with my camera, with my friends, friends I hardly talk to, and friends I didn’t even know I was friends with.

The whole party lasted for only 2 hours. People were kicked out for smoking in the toilets and all. By 11.30, everybody was literally kicked out of the hotel and was left outside drunk as hell. After saying goodbye to everyone (including the people I didn’t know), we left the party and headed back to the apartment.

I won’t get into detail at the apartment. We just sat around playing drinking games with cards. I hope everybody had a good time, because I sure did.

I had to catch a flight at midnight the next day. Before leaving Melbourne, Joel, Boom Timmy and I decided to finish off something we left undone from before. For those of you who might’ve seen my other videos, I’m sure you’ll find this one more entertaining than the others. For those who haven’t, prepare for laughter beyond your guts can handle.

The flight back to Malaysia was almost close to perfect. Good seats, good movies, good people.


It’s time to catch up on sleep, plus lots of work and studying headed this way.