Today I realised just how much I probably will be missing my lifestyle at this school. No more bells to wake you up in the morning. No more time-wasting rollcall assemblies every day. No more communal showers. No more food being prepared for me. No more compulsory sport after school.

I remember three years back, before coming here, feeling the anxiety and nerves kicking in of leaving home for the very first time. I was only 14 before I left. The thought of not seeing my family for a long period of time kept running through my head, over and over and over. Every night I would weep myself to sleep, only hoping for the time to come to go home again.

I would call up home every night, only to here the soothing voice of my mum telling me it’s going to be alright. When not on the phone, I’d engorge myself in computer games or movies, in the fantasy world of television, only to comfort myself for being so far away from home. I had no idea what I was missing out on.

People were different here. People from back home felt different as well. The cultural differences between the two countries really opened up my eyes into a new experience. I grew accustomed to it, learning their different sets of values and innovations. I felt myself growing up, both physically and mentally.

As I walked through school today, I took mental pictures of what I will be missing out next year. The cafeteria. The clock tower. The oval. The boarding house. All of it will just be another block of memory embedded within folders of other memories within my mind. Most of all, I’ll be missing the companions.

2004 House Formal

Every single person in this school has played a significant role in my 3 year experience. I remember the first person I met in this school, up to the most recent. I have experienced emotions I hadn’t experienced before, learning ways to over come them, ways to avoid them and most of all ways to enjoy them.

2005 House Formal

This school will be a great landmark within my growth. If not for this, I would still be back home collecting those pokemon cards and playing all sorts of computer games. As I was told by an old friend once, “I remember you. You’re that pokemon kid!

2006 House Formal

Imagine being referenced as the pokemon kid. How embarrassing. I’m glad I’ve passed that stage. I’m now ready to advance to a new stage in life.


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