Small talk: Robbie Williams came to my school the other day. He was 5 feet 3 inches tall and looked like a dwarf. It’s an experience I doubt I’ll forget. Robbie Williams Experience.

I am in tommorow’s B2 High Jump event at 10.30am, first event of the day. Come drop by and support me if you love me!

Being lazy is one thing. Procrastination is another. To be lazy is to feel sluggish, both physically and mentally. One feels lazy when tired, worn-out or drained, therefore ensuing nothing to be done. Procrastination is similar, but means to put off something despite the importance of the task. One does not have to feel lazy to procrastinate. Procrastination occurs very regularly, even with the brightest of people. It is not unhealthy, but should be disciplined in practise.

I have not yet learnt to discipline myself. I procrastinate all the time, even just then when I was typing out my blog. Instead of finishing this blog, I played poker with a friend of mine. That just took away 30 minutes from my night.

We had our house formal dinner last night. All the boys were dressed in very smart suits, moms and dads came, auctions, speeches and lots of photographs. It wasn’t thoroughly exciting, just one of those other formal occasions that happen regularly. I think it was better last year.

I was asked to say grace before we ate. As it was a formal occasion, I prepared an extremely formal grace.

Bless us, O Lord, and these Thy gifts which we are about to receive from Thy bounty, May the King of ever-lasting glory lead us to the banquet of life eternal, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

I’m not a Christian, so I wasn’t exactly sure what grace even was. Little that I knew that it was ever so ceremonial, that people actually chuckled as I said it. That’s what you get for asking a noob to do the job.

One the way back, me and two other friends took cam whoring to a new level. We took 80 photos on a 30 minute bus trip back to school. By the time we arrived, I was seeing stars everywhere, and developed a massive headache.

Today I’ve been procrastinating from work. Woke up at 8, had breakfast, went back to sleep til 11.30, went for lunch, and spent the rest of the day watching random videos and playing cards. My productivity factor is now a negative value.

Even now, I’m procrastinating. Instead of working, I am blogging. Am I hypocritical? Can’t be, I’m not really criticizing anyone. I wonder what that word is…

Today I’ve learnt that even if adults do consider you as a ‘young adults’, they will still undoubtedly treat you as a child, despite whatever qualities you have. Age is a very powerful thing, but it’s not omnipotent. The power of stature and status is greater. An employer over his employee. A mother over her child. A bigger boy over a smaller boy. A teacher over a student.

Especially when comparing a teacher and a student. When you begin school, you are told to respect your elders, and to respect your teachers. You will be taught to greet or to say ‘Good Morning, sir!’ to teachers walking by. You will learn to bow or nod your head whenever you greet a teacher. This is the basic cycle of life.

Generally speaking, teachers take this for granted. Parents take this for granted. Just like a when bigger boy tries to show he is almighty to a smaller boy, adults use their level of status to manipulate the young into doing what they are told. I am not talking about the general ‘breaking rules’ thing, which I am sure they understand clearly and is done as a way to show their rebel-ness. I am talking about hierarchy in general.

The movie I Not Stupid Too 2 explain hierarchy and obviously try to convey the message that adults are ignorant in many ways, despite how hard the kids try.

Heck, I have to admit that even I do tell my younger sisters off. I am a hypocrite. Despite how much it pisses me off to see adults telling kids off, I still do it. I do try to discipline myself from it, but it’s a mentality that is hard to alter. Only after doing the irrational is when you realise your mistakes.

I just hope it I can learn from this, and teach myself out of this state of mentality into something more optimistic.