Considering my lack of updates, my website hit-rate has been pretty impressive. I was pretty surprised when I check my hit counter saying my site received an average of about 200-300 a day – okay, maybe not as impressive as the hits site like youtube or yahoo receive, but for a blog that only my close friends read, you have to admit its pretty impressive.


Unfortunately, after being all excited and telling myself I’m gonna be the next PerezHilton or KennySia, I realized that it was too good to be true.

True enough, my unfortunate fantasy of becoming the next ‘It’ blogger faded into nothingness.

attackspam.jpg was being attacked by spam. In fact, is still being attacked by spam at this very moment.

For those who don’t know what spam is, this is spam.


No no! Not that spam. This spam.


When I get the time, I’ll try and find a way to completely stop all this.


But when that happens, no more 200 unique average hits a day.


And definitely no more 12,000 comments per post.