On the 6th of December this month, after only being back in KK for less than two weeks, I had to pack my bags once again, and set off for a weeks trip to KL & Ipoh.

To tell you the truth, I actually dreaded going. I wanted to be back in KK, in the comfort of my own new home (that’s a story to be saved for another entry), and with the company of the friends I don’t get to see throughout the year while I’m in Melbourne. But family comes first, and I guess I took this as an opportunity to spend time with my mom and sisters.


In the last couple of years during these trips, I tend to spend a lot of time with Tish. Literally speaking, we’d spend 90% of our holiday with each other – 10% her being either in bed, the shower or just needing to make a poopie.

This year was different.


Tish brought her best friend over to KL with her, which made me a third wheel if I tagged along, let alone being left out in those ‘girly-best-friend’ conversations.

So, I needed an alternative! Who can I hang out with?


Mum – no, she’d be too busy on her phone and I’d end up having monologues with myself throughout the holiday!

Kaiyeesha – no, she’s 9 and all she thinks about is going to the closest cyber cafe in range.


Mr. Piggy – no, Mr. Piggy would grab everyone’s attention if I brought him around shopping, making me all jealous and filled with envy.

Bella – no, she’s 12 and she loves shopping and clinging to my arm when we walk around, and she loves laughing at my lame jokes, and… hey… yes! Bella!


So Bella became my little subordinate! Well, not so little. If you don’t know her, or haven’t seen her recently, this 12 year old girl would’ve passed as my girlfriend this holidays if we weren’t related! She’s about 5′5″, weighing in at 5*kg (due to girl-descretionary weight concerns, I have to censor the exact amount of her weight), and is so mature that boys in Form 5 (aged 17-18) in KK have more than just a little interest in her!

My little sister’s all grown-up now…!


KL, as usual every year, was a shopping frenzy. Spending most of my time in the car stuck in the usual traffic jams, KL had nothing new to offer. Though this was the case, I think I did the most shopping this year than all my sisters combined!

On the other hand, Ipoh was awesome! Since I missed out on last year’s year end KL-Ipoh trip (due to AZN Trip), I missed out on some of the little glories of the trip.


Analie, my cousin’s daughter can now run and talk and jump for joy! She’s adorable! I actually saw her for a brief period when my cousin’s visited KK mid-year, but the last I saw of her before that was during the Kwah family Saipan trip, back in 2005. She’s changed so much since then!


The more exciting bit about visiting Ipoh was Analie’s 14-month old brother, Howard! This was the first time I had met Howard. Like his sister, he was very very shy at first, but soon I managed to make him smile and laugh.



Wanna know how I did that?

I showed him this face.



No kidding!

Look at him…