Once Firefox(or Internet Explorer) forgets your user name and password to login into an account, you know that its been a loooong while since you’ve logged in. And once you’ve almost forgotten your user name and password to login to that account, you know its about time to reignite that flame that burnt out long ago. Firefox didn’t have my username and password saved for logging into my website so I can update.

My year in Melbourne is almost up. This post would be officially my last post whilst I’m still in Melbourne. The next time I post (and that’s if I do), I’ll be back home.

I’ve done so much this semester that I could barely dream of during before I came back. For one, I’ve spent more time on public transport in the last 3 months than I have in my entire life…


I’ve travelled to the snow.


I’ve witnessed a live Footy match.


I watched an Anthony Callea concert.


I’ve been phettened by Joel.


I rode the rides at the Royal Melbourne Show.


I went back to Geelong Grammar.


I partied at a club called Se7en seven times.


I celebrated an 18th on a cruise ship.

I attended Malam Gemilang, a Malay-style function in Melbourne.


I went to the races.


I visited an unfurnished Penthouse.

And I’m sure I’ve missed out to mention heaps of other events too.

With that, I leave this.

I Could Not Ask For More
Edwin McCain