The internet is filled with millions of people sharing copeous amounts of information through various mediums. Every now and again, I find myself stumbling across a random but brilliant blog that showcases the author’s creative and eccentric personalities.

When a blog is truly amazing beyond comparison, I would share the find with some of my close friends, hoping that they too would enjoy it as much as I do.

At times I do forget to bookmark the website. And when I do, I will go through my entire week’s browsing history list to find what I have lost.

Some of the websites above are actually quite amazing. I won’t tell you which. Play a game of roulette and try your luck on Google.

August 31st 2011 commemorates International Blog Day, where bloggers can choose to put up a post containing a list of their favourite blog finds and share it with their readers.

There are numerous blogs that I follow on a daily basis, but I am going to hold back from sharing blogs that already have a generous following, and instead share blogs that my readers have probably never heard of or forgotten about.

Here are my top 6 picks:


[#6] Pointing Is Fun @ Stephanie Lok

Pointing Is Fun ( is a blog started by a childhood friend, Stephanie Lok.

Steph is an artist, a designer, a photographer and a foodie. Her blog contains a mixture of her illustrations and daily encounters of the unordinary and bizarre, which matches her extraordinarily quirky yet eclectic personality.

Pointing Is Fun is an inspiration for creative ideas, an innovation for design and eye candy for the hunger deprived!


[#5] Loading Artist @ Gregor Czaykowski

Loading Artist ( is an online webcomic strip that tackles the values of everyday life with well juxtapostioned humour.

Gregor depicts social and personal issues by relating his own struggles as an artist to the everyday life of a modern man. He often engages his audience with the use of his imaginative story telling and satirical sense of humour.

The best way to keep updated with The Loading Artist is to follow the artist on Twitter.


[#4] The Daily Beard

I contemplated hard whether or not I wanted to include The Daily Beard ( on my list of blogs to share.

2011 has been marked the year where my keen fascination kicked into the eccentric world of beard-dom. Having grown a beard for the first time in my life, I began to explore different mediums of motivation to keep myself from staying away from the razor.

The Daily Beard is not for the feint hearted. For those used to the mainstream media promoting hairlessness, The Daily Beard is essentially a tumblr blog that prides itself as a medium against the mainstream look. Readers often regard The Daily Beard as “beard porn”.

Don’t worry, the blog is not sexually explicit, unless of course you choose to roll that way!

Bearded for life!


We are only half way through. The top 3 entries are waiting on the next page!