Category: Inspirations

19 Apr

A few months back, Laura was invited to audition for Australia’s Got Talent on Channel 7. Little did we know, this was the beginning of something much greater than we ever anticipated! The lead up has been crazy. Laura was featured as AGT’s main centerpiece – the one to look…

8 Mar

Watch the video below. Share it on to family and friends. Make Kony known!

31 Aug

The internet is filled with millions of people sharing copeous amounts of information through various mediums. Every now and again, I find myself stumbling across a random but brilliant blog that showcases the author’s creative and eccentric personalities. When a blog is truly amazing beyond comparison, I would share the…

23 Aug

Everything was going better than planned. Although I was back at work, my body was still tingling from the nostalgic euphoria of the recent Falls Creek road trip over the weekend. Eric called up the night before to organize a social group movie session in the city. Obligingly, I agreed…

15 Jul

As the legendary Barney Stinson once said, “Haaaaaaaaaave…. you met Adam?” Designed and illustrated by the most amazing and talented artist I know, Yun Yeen! Her work downright screams her name & style – which I know is such a hard thing to do in this expanding artistic world we…

11 May

Source: JellyVampire @ DeviantArt   Beautiful piece of art and story that I just had to share!