As the legendary Barney Stinson once said, “Haaaaaaaaaave…. you met Adam?”

Designed and illustrated by the most amazing and talented artist I know, Yun Yeen! Her work downright screams her name & style – which I know is such a hard thing to do in this expanding artistic world we live in.

I’ve been a fan of her work for quite some time now, ever since I caught the first glimpse of a Juice Box design she did as part of her Uni project a couple years ago called “Jooze”.

Her design caught the attention of many and went viral on tumblr blogs and even featured on the front page of the pop-culture viral website

Yeen runs her own blog which she updates quite regularly, filling her pages with new and fresh illustrative ideas. Her ability to capture and captivate an audience through the use of  her adorable sketches and vibrant colors is an insignia to her cute and loving personality!

Google, you must hire this girl right away!

A little birdy once told me that she finds a strong interest in making a career out of doing childrens’ book illustrations. If this is true, I can only see success rushing to the front of the line waiting for the fastest opportunity to enter the doors.

Because I never really knew Yeen that well, I’ve been silently wishing and hoping that one day she would be enlightened by the idea of drawing an avatar for me. That opportunity came last week, and boy was I ecstatic!

Self-indulgent – yes I know, but HAVE YOU MET ADAM?! Who wouldn’t want to meet Adam now!


Words cannot explain how excited I was when I saw this in my inbox yesterday!

Thank you Yeen! You truly are amazing :)