Wet. Wet was the front porch as we left the house. Wet became my shoes as I scurried into the car. Wet was last Saturday night as we made our way to Brunswick for a feast fit for kings.

The sound of thunder woke me up early Saturday morning. Rain poured down, clapping the window sills before it made its way to the pavement below.

“I’m not going to get out of bed just yet,” I thought to myself.

3PM came. It was still pouring outside. The AusOne Melbourne YouTube Gathering was being held today and after days of confined excitement, I shamefully chose to dismiss my attendance. So much for that video I made…

Hope there’s a next time.


Fast forward 4 hours, and wet only became wetter. The rain had not stopped.

We, the TamVillains**, made our way over to Laura’s for a Saturday night-in involving Indian food, board games and house party fun. Little did I know what to expect of the feast that awaited us inside the little Brunswick abode…

The aroma of different indian spices wafted through the house as we entered the doors. The dissonance between this scent from our soaked clothing was refreshing. We were cordially greeted by Micah, who shuffled us upstairs into the dining area.

“Give me 20 more minutes,” Laura announced as everyone’s noses steered them closer and closer to the food. Patiently we waited.

There was a large serve of golden briyani rice.

A pot of chicken and lamb curries.

Two platefuls of naan bread.

One bowl full of eggplant masala, another full of longbeans diced finely into smaller pieces.

Mango chutney made from fresh mangoes was also among the mix.

And a stack of plates, each lined with a banana leaf.

20 minutes later, Laura walks into the dining area with another pot in hand, “And finally, the Curry Fish. Dinner is served!”

“One rule,” Laura announced as everyone lined up to pick up a plate, “No one is allowed to use cutleries. No forks, no spoons, no nothing. Only your hands!” Like savages we dug our fingers into the well-presented food Cutleries were used only to serve the food onto our plates, of course.

Words cannot describe the level of satisfaction I felt as my food-stained fingers scraped the remainders at the bottom of my plate.

18 satisfied tummies wallopped the entire selection.

After about an hour given for digestion, the night progressed into a game of charades, monopoly and poker.

By which time I forgot to whip out my camera :(

All good though. We had heaps of fun, socialising with heaps of friends and best of all, our stomachs were satisfied with heaps of food!


**TamVillains are the occupants of TamVilla – the name we gave to our home/hangout spot/meeting place. Back to story