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3 Mar

Production vlog / behind-the-scenes of “if OLA BOLA was written by ORANG SABAH” Watch it here:

26 Feb

Fantastic movie! but here’s a few things I would do differently… Thank you to everyone involved in this weeks video. You guys are amazing! ~~~~~~ CREDITS ~~~~~~ Production Manager: Moses Wong Director of Photography: Valentine Chong Starring: Calista Liew ( William Chiang Moses Wong Kamarul Ayien ( Timothy Stephen Harold…

17 Oct

So here’s something different – a review on a New York Times best-selling book “Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. It’s been a while since I last sat down and spent some time immersing myself in a graphic-less novel. Hunger Games was recommended by my 16 year-old sister, Bella, as one…

7 Sep

Paul tells the story of an alien trapped on Earth joined by two unlikely British tourists, and their obstruce journey to return Paul to his home planet. Sounds rather predictive, doesn’t it? I too was skeptical when I first read reviews and watched the trailer.   Written by starring roles…

22 Jul

Last night, I finally found time to sit back and finish watching a full length feature film in the comfort of home. Having set up the living room with 5.1 channels of digital surround sound and a 42-inch HD LCD TV, I tend to look forward to my movie nights…