Paul tells the story of an alien trapped on Earth joined by two unlikely British tourists, and their obstruce journey to return Paul to his home planet.

Sounds rather predictive, doesn’t it? I too was skeptical when I first read reviews and watched the trailer.


Written by starring roles Nick Frost & Simon Pegg, and directed by Superbad/Adventureland’s Greg Motolla, there was no way Paul would fail to come across as anything less than hysterical.

I kid you not, as I sat there infront of my computer eating dinner and watching Paul last night, I was laughing myself silly in my room throughout the entire movie. The constant knocking on my bedroom door was probably a sign that my housemates thought I’ve inherited some form of infectual hysteria.

The voice of Paul was casted to cringe comedy king Seth Rogen.

Yes… the constantly baked, painfully awkward, hilariously sarcastic Seth Rogen who plays the lead roles in movies such as Knocked Up & Pineapple Express.

Joined by an all-star comical cast including Bill Hader (left), Jason Bateman (center), Joe Lo Truglio (right), and cameos from comical legends Jane Lynch, Jeffrey Tambor, Sigourney Weaver and many more, there will not be a single dull moment in your movie experience.

Besides being a fun-filled adventure movie, Paul’s story-line doesn’t break any barriers from the norm. Similar to Motolla’s other films, the end result was quite predictable.

But with that said, one must remember that “The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.”

…meaning, “F#@k the ending, the actual events throughout the story is LE SHIT!”

*cough* Excuse my French.

With movies like “I Love You, Man” & “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and TV Shows like “Modern Family” & “30 Rock” in my list of favourite cringe-worthy awkward comedy genre, Paul has easily made its way into’s movie recommendation lists of 2011.

A definite must-watch for those who enjoy some of the shows listed above.

Paul is now available on DVD & Bluray. Get yourself a copy before its too late!