Last night, I finally found time to sit back and finish watching a full length feature film in the comfort of home.

Having set up the living room with 5.1 channels of digital surround sound and a 42-inch HD LCD TV, I tend to look forward to my movie nights that I try to have every few weeks or so.

The movie of choice was Source Code, and boy have I been looking forward to watching this movie.

Since its release, I’ve been hearing only good stuff about the movie, though I’ve been unsure about its reliability due to its (lack of) advertising and release dates here in Australia.

With that said, having been given a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, I was quite convinced that the stuff I was hearing couldn’t be wrong.

The movie is filled with action, romance, drama, thriller, suspense and best of all a twisted plotline.

“Don’t you think this reminds you of the Butterfly Effect?” said Tish half way through the movie. Butterfly Effect is one of my favourite movies from my childhood.

I’d have to agree. It does have similar concepts between the two movies.

Time travelling & repeating scenarios create a confusing plot to grasp as the movie initiates, but as the movie progresses the plot is quite simply interpreted. The metaphysics basis behind the story brings you on a journey through a believable & relatable sci-flot plot.

I don’t want to give away too much as the basis of the story is to be in the unknown throughout the movie. The self-realisation of what is actually happening in the movie acts like a reward system to the mind.

The film consists of multiple layers of metaphysics like the movie Inception does, though with that said, it doesn’t confuse the shits out of you like its multibillion dollar counterpart. My only real critique is to do with the initiation of the plot, where the main characters begins in a series of confusing events that doesn’t quite connect to how he got there in the first place. This is difficult to discuss since its kind of a spoiler.

But by all means, Source Code is still a definite recommendation to the action/thriller genre movie seekers out there!