Archive: December 2007

30 Dec

***Please note: Any content posted here today has no intention in offending homosexual activity, is completely fictional and is only done for the fun of blogging! – “models” used are straight. These are my homies – Ian, Laura and Lleufer. Most of you readers would probably already know them, but…

25 Dec

Best wishes to everyone out there! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Adam

23 Dec

Considering my lack of updates, my website hit-rate has been pretty impressive. I was pretty surprised when I check my hit counter saying my site received an average of about 200-300 a day – okay, maybe not as impressive as the hits site like youtube or yahoo receive, but for…

21 Dec

On the 6th of December this month, after only being back in KK for less than two weeks, I had to pack my bags once again, and set off for a weeks trip to KL & Ipoh. To tell you the truth, I actually dreaded going. I wanted to be…