People say I come from a talented musical family. I beg to differ. I believe talent is something undefined by hardwork, triumph or class.

But when you have talent, you need to work hard and have patience and tenacity to really define what that talent really is.

Yes I must admit, my whole family is musically inclined.

Each and everyone of us have been taught to play the piano at a very young age.

But singing, no. I don’t believe I, nor Tish, nor Bella, can be defined as talented in that regard.

We were given the opportunity to learn music, we worked hard to excel at it.

I never said you needed talent to be successful.


I believe Laura Loe has talent.

I believe Gwenda Shim has talent.

And most of all, I believe my youngest sibling Kaiyeesha(a.k.a. Kyle Tamm) has talent.

My younger years were spent excelling in the art of lipsyncing

Do watch older videos on Kyle’s YouTube channel.

The growth is remarkable.

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